Kunstimäe Holiday House

Address: Otepää vald, Risttee küla, Valga County 67007
Contact: (+372) 5058231
Kunstimäe Holiday House is located between the hills of Southern Estonia on the bank of the Väike Emajõgi River, 16 km from Otepää. It is spacious and private place that is suitable for both family holidays and big meetings. An old stable in the yard has been converted into a partyhall for up to 100 people.There is a Finnish sauna in the house, on the shore of a river a countryside sauna with a swimming place and natural Jacuzzi, hot tub. Hiking trails to the Observatory of Harimäe and alongside the shore of the River of Väike-Emajõgi. Iin wintertime ski trail, sleighing hill and nearby the trail of the Tartu Marathon and ski hills. In co-operation with other entrepreneurs we offer different leisure time spending possibilities.

Times and prices

Open same each dayBed in room/price per person: 25 €
Tent price: 5 €
Price per child: 12.5 €


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