Otepää Nature Park



The Otepää Nature Park is located in the northern part of Valga County, on the land of Otepää, Palupera, Puka and Sangaste Rural Municipalities. Of the Otepää Upland, whose area is 1,180 km2, the Nature Park covers the middle part of the Upland with an area of 22,430 ha (19% of the total area of the Upland), which is characterised by well-developed hilly relief. As for the scope of its territory, the Otepää Nature Park is the largest landscape reserve in Estonia. 

The aim of protection of the Otepää Nature Park is preservation, study and introduction of the rolling landscape and biological diversity characteristic of the Otepää Upland as well as the local lifestyle and cultural heritage and sustainable use of nature. 
The manager of the Otepää Nature Park is the Estonian Environmental Board.

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